FAQs about Private Investigators

Please read some of our frequently asked questions ( FAQs).  We have included answers regarding how much private investigators cost as well as several other topics.  If you have a question and we have not covered it here, call us at 502-753-9413 and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Are there any signs of a cheating spouse?

Yes, there are. Please click HERE for a list of tell tale signs.

How much does a private investigator cost?

Costs are determined based on what estimate of time and resources will be needed to complete your case and since each case is different, we would carefully review everything that would be needed and charge one price, by the job, based on those estimates.

Who is the best private investigator?

Difficult question, but my opinion would be one that would give you the best result for the least amount of money and one that would provide you with photos, documentation, and a detailed final report. At our firm, we provide all of that.

Who would be the best private investigator to find someone?

Who would be one would be he who has access to the most accurate information available. We all pull from the same resources so it puts most of us on a level playing field. What we do with that information afterwards is what differentiates each of us as individuals. At our private investigator firm, we not only retrieve the information, but also verify it to ensure its validity.

Do private investigators do infidelity cases?

Most of what private investigators do is infidelity investigation. They don’t all specialize in it so be sure to ask your private investigator during your initial consultation what they specialize in.

Do private eyes, private detectives, PIs and private investigators all do the same thing?

Yes, they do, however, they don’t all have the same specialties. Our firm specializes in surveillance, domestic infidelity, armed personal security, people location services, background checks, criminal background checks, corporate and insurance fraud.

If you have any additional questions not found in these FAQs about Private Investigators please call us today! We’re here to help guide you through the process and make you feel comfortable about your important decisions.