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If you’re a private individual,  attorney, insurance company, private or other public corporation with a need for a professional private investigating team with accurate, timely information that will help you solve your case, answer your questions, mitigate claims and close your files.  We are the private investigator of choice in Louisville, Kentucky.  Call us today at 502-753-9413 to discuss how our Private Investigators may be of service to you.

See our complete list of services and feel confident in knowing that we strive for accurate results and your satisfaction no matter how large or small the case.

Note:  A great “private investigator firm” in today’s world must also be able to navigate the internet and social media websites unseen and be willing to leave NO STONE UN-TURNED.  Our private investigators do just that!

Call us today at 502-753-9413 for your free consultation to discuss the specific details regarding your case.  Also, check out some of our other links below to get more information about Private Investigations.

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