Private Investigator Louisville, Kentucky  SubpoenaWith years of experience, we understand that your firm has needs – needs like timely process service  agents willing to expend that extra effort in locating defendants and debtors. With McBride Private Investigations, you get maximum attention to your cases and experienced Private Investigators to help you get results. Private Investigators want to solve cases and complete the process service! Private Investigators want results! At our agency, we know that serving your legal documents is paramount to your success and we take that VERY seriously. Our process service is considered a top priority and we take great pride in getting the job done

Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We stay current with new legislation and effective techniques. We work with attorneys, collection agencies, and other legal professionals to assist with their process service. We have built solid and long standing relationships with many companies throughout the Louisville area.  Call our office to discuss the pricing for the following services.  As you know, every case is different.  Share with us the details of your case and let us provide a quote for service.  Expect that when McBride Private Investigations is on the job,  we don’t except failure.

Process Service Types
Small Claims Orders
Supplemental Orders
Small Claims Affidavits
Garnishee Orders
Subpoenas Duces Tecum
Additional Services
Persons Located
National Record Searches
Asset Searches
Background Checks
Workplace Verification
Trial Preparation

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