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Services performed by McBride Private Investigations

Our services include; private investigations, background checks, domestic or commercial surveillance, person and assets location and process service.  We will discuss further down this page some specific services and our processes within each category.  You may always feel free to contact us directly to discuss your specific case.


Domestic Surveillance

In most cases and in order to prove adultery, surveillance services are necessary and the most common technique. That may be stationary or moving surveillance. At McBride Private Investigations, our services include using state of the art equipment, patience and pure determination to complete this task. We provide a detailed report, photos and/or videos to prove our case. We assure that this information will be full-proof and able to stand tall in a court proceeding. Our investigators will appear in court and provide the testimony as evidence as well as any video tapes, photos, etc. to support our findings.

Process Service and Subpoena Delivery

We serve court documents in and around the Louisville Kentucky metro area, but have been known to locate and serve people hiding out of state. We will return to you our affidavit of service, or we will use one provided by your firm.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Our private investigator will work alongside your attorney in an effort to gather evidence that will be presented in court in order to defend you against criminal charges. This could be done through conducting interviews, background checks of prospective witnesses, surveillance, courthouse records checks, photographing and video taping the scenes and/or running various computer checks.

Skip Tracing and Missing Persons Locates

People location generally begins with computer database checks. At McBride Private Investigations, we subscribe to the most comprehensive databases available in the industry. However, we do not merely run checks and report the last address given. We will actually verify the current address through other investigative means.

Hidden Assets, Property and Previous Employment

In an effort to enforce a court judgment, McBride Private Investigations searches for real property, bank accounts, stock holdings and current employment. Most states will allow us to identify autos, planes, boats and real property that may be owned by the target of the investigation.

Insurance Fraud and False Claims Investigations

Our company collects evidence of fraudulent claims through surveillance, utilizing still photographs and/or video tapes to support court testimony. We will conduct interviews with neighbors and associates of the claimant, and we will search documents for other evidence of false claims.

Civil Lawsuits and Private Litigation Support

McBride Private Investigations also provides support services to our clients. Our investigations will/may include pre-trial preparation, witness locations and interviews, analyzing, obtaining, and verifying evidence, obtaining copies of the police reports and identifying any evidence that may have been missed during the process of discovery.

Pre-Employment Screening and Background Investigations

Our private investigator is able to identify, through various methods, past locations of residence and employment. Once this initial step has been completed, a more in-depth investigation is conducted regarding verifying that that information is accurate as well as past criminal and/or civil activity as well as any other information the client needs verification of.

Computer and Electronics Investigations

Today’s private investigator must be able to navigate the internet and other social media channels in today’s world to assist with uncovering key information in a case. We have thousands of hours of experience doing just that. Put our experience to work for you.

Miscellaneous Services

The list above only represents a small sample of what McBride Private Investigations has to offer our clients . We are known as a full-service agency and continually strive to meet the needs of our clients. Call us today at 502-753-9413 for a free consultation to discuss the service you require. If we are not able to assist you, with our vast contact list, we are able to refer you to one of our other associates.